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Crystal Eggs and Balls


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Amethyst - Crystal Ball
Beautiful Amethyst Crystal Ball Amethyst is the spiritual and healing stone. Amethyst is from the..
$84.00 ea.
Calcite - Blue Egg
Powerful Blue Calcite Egg Blue Calcite is said to be good for communication, particularly on a spir..
$25.00 ea.
Calcite - Honey/Golden Optical - Crystal Ball
Calcite Honey/Golden Optical Crystal Ball Honey Calcite is a crystal of contemplation and is a st..
$67.50 ea.
Clear Quartz - Crystal Ball
A Magickal Clear Quartz Crystal Ball A Clear Quartz Crystal Ball's electrical properties awaken s..
$262.50 ea.
Kyanite - Blue Egg
Beautiful Blue Kyanite Egg This is a beautiful blue Kyanite egg with its stunning blue color and ..
$70.00 ea.
Labradorite - Sphere Stunning!!
Labradorite - Sphere Stunning!! Labradorite is the Stone of Magick, awakening within you mystical..
$35.00 ea.
Labradorite Egg - Magickal!!
Labradorite Egg - Magickal!! This highly polished Labradorite egg is just stunning. Labradorite ..
$37.50 ea.
Moonstone - Rainbow - Egg
Enchanting Rainbow Moonstone Egg Associated with the moon, this enchanting Rainbow Moonstone egg is..
$35.00 ea.
Smokey Quartz - Crystal Ball
Amazing Smokey Quartz Crystal Ball Smokey Quartz is the grounding and calming stone. The darker the..
$190.00 ea.
Wooden Stand - Cobra Style - With 3 Legs.
Wooden Stand - Cobra Style - With 3 Legs. Fits 8cm/3.25 inches Crystal Ball Diameter. Approx S..
$12.50 ea.
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