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About Us

Hi and welcome to Realm of Crystal Dreams. My name is Annie and I live on Bribie Island. I suppose you’re wondering how I got into crystals. Since my early twenties I have faced so many challenges within my life. With every step that I have taken I’ve always found that by holding a crystal in my hand or to my heart it would help give me guidance and reassurance. It would help me see things clearly and give me the direction and protection to rediscover myself and put me back on the path to continue my life’s journey.

Once I opened up to the power of the crystal and it’s healing proprieties, I was able to help so many of my friends and extended family with their own troubles. At the time I started my own business called “Child Care Relief” and other business ventures as I’m a qualified early childhood specialist and counsellor. I found that crystals helped with creating the right atmosphere within a loving and supportive environment for the children and parents who visited and nurtured each individual’s needs.

During my twenties I went bush with my children and was able to further my love and understanding of crystals further. This lead me to broadened my knowledge and find my spiritual calling. I have been very privileged in the stories and journeys that my clients have shared with me in confidence and in turn helped me grow and understand myself and others so much better.

Once my children grew up and left my nest I was able to focus on furthering my journey and growth which lead me to Bribie Island. It’s there that I’ve met some wonderful people through the spiritual churches and have connected with so many more groups. Through these groups I’ve been able to study and become a Reiki Master.

It is my hope and my dream that I will be able to connect with each and everyone of you to share the magic that I have experienced with crystals and the healing that can happen with a heart open and trust in me to help guide and support you in which ever areas you need.

For all crystal healing properties and their uses please contact me as I look forward to connecting with you.

Bright Blessings


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