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Polished Tumbles


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Agate - Fire Polished Tumbled Stones
Agate - Fire Polished Tumbled Stones In the Ancient World it was said to be the Stone of Truth an..
$6.00 ea.
Agate - Green Moss Polished Tumbles
Green Moss Agate Polished Tumbles Alternate Names and Spellings: Gardener's Stone, Birthing Cryst..
$3.00 ea.
Agate - Pink Polished Tumbles
Agate Pink Polished Tumbles Pink agate helps with attitude,easing despair and depression, enco..
$1.00 ea.
Agate - Purple Polished Tumbles
Agate Purple Polished Tumbles Purple Agate is the stone for spiritual connection and transformati..
$1.00 ea.
Amazonite - Polished Tumbled Stones
Amazonite Polished Tumbled Stones Amazonite calls in captivating shades of turquoise-blue/green, ..
$4.00 ea.
Amethyst - Brazilian Polished Tumbles
Amethyst Brazilian Polished Tumbles These beautiful polished Brazilian Amethyst tumbles are perfe..
$0.50 ea.
Amethyst - Indian Q1 Polished Tumbled Stones
Amethyst Polished Tumbled Stones Q1 India Beautiful dark purple Amethyst polished tumbles. Q..
$1.00 ea.
Amethyst - Seer Stones
Amethyst Seer Stones Also known as the Dreamer’s Crystal, Emma’s Eggs and Window Crystal. These ..
$5.00 ea.
Ametrine - Polished Tumbled Stones
Ametrine Q1 Polished Tumbled Stones The colour band combinations in ametrine can range from pale-..
$4.00 ea.
Angelite - Polished Tumbled Stones - Large
Angelite Polished Tumbled Stones - Large Angelite is a form of Celestite - Anhydrite. A stone of..
$9.50 ea.
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