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Calcite - Blue Egg
Powerful Blue Calcite Egg Blue Calcite is said to be good for communication, particularly on a spir..
$25.00 ea.
Calcite - Golden Optic  Spar Solid Cube
Golden Optic Calcite Solid Cube Alternate Names & Name Spellings: Calcspar; Clear Calcite is ..
$85.00 ea.
Carved Angel - Amethyst
Carved Angel - Amethyst  This stunning Amethyst Angel would make a perfect addition to any&n..
$30.00 ea.
Carved Angel - Fluorite - Rainbow
Carved Angel - Fluorite - Rainbow  This stunning Rainbow Fluorite Angel would make a perfect..
$30.00 ea.
Carved Angel - Labradorite
Carved Angel - Labradorite  This stunning Labradorite Angel would make a perfect addition to..
$30.00 ea.
Carved Angel Opalite
Carved Angel - Opalite This beautiful Opalite Angel would make a perfect addition to any healing&..
$33.00 ea.
Chalcanthite - on Quartz (Copper) Cluster
Chalcanthite on Quartz (Copper) Cluster This beautiful bright blue Chalcanthite on Quartz Cluster..
$30.00 ea.
Citrine - Carved God Ganesha
Stunning Carved Citrine God Ganesha  God Ganesha — the elephant-deity riding a mouse — ..
$28.00 ea.
Citrine - Generator Natural
Citrine Natural Generator This Natural Citrine quartz generator has 100% natural tints of colour,..
$23.00 ea.
Clear Quartz - Carved Crystal God Ganesha
Stunning Carved Clear Quartz Crystal - God Ganesha  God Ganesha — the elephant-deity riding ..
$28.00 ea.
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