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Rose Quartz - Pendulum with Chakra Beads
Rose Quartz Faceted Pendulum with Seven Chakra Beaded Chain The heart healing properties are..
$16.00 ea.
Rose Quartz - Seer Stones
Rose Quartz Seer Stones Also known as the Dreamer’s Crystal, Emma’s Eggs and Window Crystal. The..
$5.00 ea.
Rosewood Mala Meditation/Prayer Beads
Rosewood Mala Prayer Beads for Meditation Rosewood is a very special and rare wood that is consid..
$15.00 ea.
Scolecite - Cluster Peach
Beautiful Scolecite Cluster Peach This stone promotes inner peace and deep relaxation. It is an e..
$12.00 ea.
Scolecite - Cluster White
Gorgeous Scolecite Cluster White The perfect size for your meditation or healing room. It is one ..
$12.00 ea.
Scolecite - Healing/Meditation Wand
Scolecite Wand  Scolecite is a very peaceful and calming stone, it emanates a deep and relax..
$10.00 ea.
Scolecite - Palm Stone
Scolecite Palm Stone This beautiful Scolecite Palm stone fits perfectly in your hand, ideal for m..
$17.50 ea.
Selenite - Carved Healing Wand
Selenite Carved Healing Wand Selenite is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene becaus..
$22.50 ea.
Selenite - Points
Selenite Points Keep your home cleansed and filled with clarity and peace with this striking ..
$32.50 ea.
Selenite - Skyscraper
Selenite Skyscrapers Selenite skyscrapers or towers are hand shaped from large pieces of natural&..
$37.00 ea.
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