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Scolecite - Healing/Meditation Wand
Scolecite Wand  Scolecite is a very peaceful and calming stone, it emanates a deep and relax..
$10.00 ea.
Scolecite - Palm Stone
Scolecite Palm Stone This beautiful Scolecite Palm stone fits perfectly in your hand, ideal for m..
$17.50 ea.
Selenite - Points
Selenite Points Keep your home cleansed and filled with clarity and peace with this striking ..
$32.50 ea.
Selenite and Stilbite Cluster - Gentle Healer!!
Selenite and Stilbite Cluster - Gentle Healer!! Approx Size: Length 11cm/4.25 inches. Width 10cm/..
$42.00 ea.
Seven Chakra Stone Set
Seven Chakra Stone Set Since ancient times teachers and healers in India have described chakras a..
$9.50 ea.
Shree Yantra Quartz - Pendulum
  Stunning Shree Yantra Crystal Pendulum Shree Yantra Shree Yantra is the source of su..
$27.00 ea.
Smokey Quartz - Crystal Ball
Amazing Smokey Quartz Crystal Ball Smokey Quartz is the grounding and calming stone. The darker the..
$190.00 ea.
Smokey Quartz - Light - Obelisk 9cm Height - Grounding!!
Smokey Quartz - Light - Obelisk 9cm Height - Grounding!! This gorgeous four sided light Smokey Qu..
$45.00 ea.
Smokey Quartz - Merkaba Pendulum
Smokey Quartz Merkaba Pendulum An excellent grounding stone.  It gently neutralises negative..
$25.00 ea.
Stibnite Stibnite aids transformation and brings you a totally new outlook on life. This is a str..
$65.50 ea.
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