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Helps you to be true to self rather than influenced by others. It dispels laziness and destructive urges. Encourages recovery from severe illness.

Healing - Slow acting stone. It is a detoxifier, neutralising acidic states, strengthens immune system.

  • Dispels lethargy, fears, laziness.

  • Enhances vitality and transforms negative energy into positive energy.

  • Encourages user to be their own person and to reveal their own uniqueness, promoting user to follow their own path and not to follow the crowd.

  • Enhances creativity, encourages focus on what user is doing and what they really enjoy.

  • Promotes trust in the Univers, and in the ultimate goodness of life, lifting spirits and feelings of happiness.

  • Aids recovery after trauma or severe illness.

  • Associated with the Heart Chakra.

Mohs Hardness Scale Zoisite 6.5 – 7.

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