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Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz


Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz integrates energy at many levels. It heightens the energy of other quartz stones and is an important healing and grounding stone.

This quartz also illuminates the soul, cleanses and energizes, removing barriers to spiritual growth.

Also filters negative energy, and soothes dark moods, offering relief from fears, phobias and anxiety.

The needle inclusions add intensity and transmission power to the crystal.

Rutilated Quartz promotes healthy sleep. Also if the wearer indulges in negative thoughts, it will help discover the truth. As a result, it makes possible for the wearer to bring about changes, as it symbolizes truth.

For thousands of years it has been valued as a protective and truth stone.

This stunning quartz is a powerful and strong healing quartz. Connected to the sun energy, by spreading the healing energy to every place in the body, mind and soul. As the rays of sun, the light touch and arousing all places. Heals pain. Opens blocks from the body and soul. Clear obstacles from our way. Help us to find our inner truth and our right direction.

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