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Stichtite and Serpentine - Atlantasite

Stichtite and Serpentine - Atlantasite


Stichtite and Serpentine - Atlantasite

Serpentine is an Australian mineral with lovely, waxy, olive and green colouring. Stichtite is a rare and unusual carbonate. Stichtite has a somewhat dull purple pink to purple rose-red colour. Together they provide great contrast in the patterned faces of the pieces.

Stichtite is a stone that has a lovely soft almost soapy feeling to it, and has a quite sweet vibration. In Tasmania, Australia, it naturally occurs with Green Serpentine stone, and this mixture of Stichtite in Serpentine is now called Atlantasite. This combination has some quite potent applications; it can promote a more relaxed attitude to life and making us more aware of our own emotions and promoting inner peace. This combination can also be used in meditation to both access and retrieve ancient wisdom and information about past lives especially access skills and knowledge from past lives in Atlantis, plus using it for kundalini awakening. It is one of a group of stones that will help you to move the kundalini energies, the “serpent power” said to reside at the base of the spine. Serpentine is also a good stone to place on the meridian points for clearing blocked energies and allowing the healthy, natural flow to be re-established.

It is said that Serpentine helps one find inner peace, calmness, and a long life; instils in the bearer a respect for the elderly and wards off snake bites.

Serpentine is often referred to as the Angel Stone because of its feathery appearance and its reported ability to facilitate contact and communication with the angels, and Elemental beings. It is a very spiritual stone, believed to increase psychic awareness and intuition and to encourage out of body journeys during meditation.

In ancient Assyria, it is told that this stone was carried to request of the gods and goddess to provide blessings. Serpentine has been used for treating a wide range of physical disorders. It is beneficial for cardiac irregularities, stomach and bowel issues, kidney disorders, and menstrual problems.

Stichtite also has a profoundly loving vibration that has a strong effect within the heart chakra and thymus chakra, or higher heart. It is assists with healing unresolved issues, as it stimulates feelings of love, compassion, forgiveness and healing of emotional distress.

Stichtite enlightens emotions and tranquillises the environment. Creates faithfulness to promises, open opinions and gentleness with yourself and others. Eases passage of Kundalini through heart chakra. Provides companionship to those alone. Promotes "thinking with love" prior to "speaking with intellect".

Corresponding Chakras: Cosmic, Universal and Stellar Gateways, Soul Star, Crown, Link and Earth Star.

Placed at your feet, this will connect you to the earth and clear your Etheric Blue print. Placed above your head it allows you to connect with the Light beyond this dimension. Aids and assists you with connecting to your environment and bringing about Joy in your life. Helps to communicate with nature spirits, fairies, devas, elementals and serpent energy within the Earth.

Mohs Hardness Scale 3 – 4.5.

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