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Stellerite, like other zeolite minerals, temper negative energy with happiness, encourage stable connections between emotions and intellect, decrease brashness and laziness, and enhance mental clarity.  Because of its rarity, Stellerite has no technological uses.  Because of its softness and small crystal size, it has no use as a gemstone.

Collectors value Stellerite because of its rarity, unusual crystal habits, and occasional occurrence in composite specimens with other zeolite minerals.

Stellerite is a helpful stone to aid you to better understand spiritual teachings and will also enhance the creative power of your thoughts. This stone has a fairly strong vibration that can be felt quite easily. Its predominant energy relates to change, and it can benefit you when you are making the choice to make changes. Stellerite holds the vibration of being able to perceive truth and utilize this to make changes in your life, to alter your life and achieve transformation. This stone can help you to stop yourself from reacting in the same old way you always have, when you feel start to experience emotions such as recrimination, resentment and anger, or any emotions that are not positive and that create conflicted feelings.

Stellerite aids emotional stability, change and transformation. This crystal also helps to change your reaction to responses. Change can be confronting so this crystal helps to ease into change. Even though it looks a lot like Stilbite it has a different chemical structure, which gives it different energetic properties.

This is an excellent healing stone that is known to aid a number of health problems, including aiding Autism, helps the person deal with their emotions. If you have an autistic child they may benefit by having a stone nearby, to help them to deal with their emotions. Treats blood issues, relieves stress, aids osteoporosis, also issues caused by overly alkaline state.

Mohs Hardness Scale 4.5.

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