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Moqui Balls

Moqui Balls


Moqui Balls

Moqui Marbles or Mochi Stones are mysterious sandstone balls covered in hematite (iron ore) and were discovered in the Navajo Sandstone Formation in Utah. Always in pairs, the female ones are round, the male ones are deformed, for iron deficiencies, against exhaustion, for the production of red blood cells, for virility, energy stone.

These stones are believed to be among the most energetic on earth. The major properties claimed for them are: cleansing, relaxation, and being able to provide great boost to meditation and astral journeying. Each stone is said to have a distinct energy which depends on its size and gender. The gender of the stone is linked to the motion of a pendulum when it is held directly above the stones. If it moves in a linear direction the stone is male while a circular motion indicates the stone is female. Small stones are believed to have faster, more vibrant energy while the larger ones have a slower, deeper energy.

There are many legends surrounding these strange stones; shamans use them to heal and communicate with other realms and Hopi Indians play marbles with their ancestors to gain knowledge.

            •           Aligning the energy centres.

            •           Stimulating the Chi.

            •           Bringing knowledge of both the ancient and future ways to the user.

•           A preventive shield against numerous forms of negative energy, working on the physical, etheric, and emotional plains.

            •           For grounding, centring and protecting oneself.

            •           Allowing for and understanding Earth healing.

•           Used for treating emotional and physical rigidity, instability, constrictions and restrictions; and finally, though not exhaustively.

•           It has been used to teach a person that the bonds and restrictions placed upon people are self-imposed and discarded easily.

Mohs Hardness Scale  Moqui Ball  5.5.


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Moqui Balls - ( Pair)
Moqui Balls ( Pair)  Each pair of Moqui Balls includes a male and female and are all indi..
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