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Best known as the psychic's gemstone, moonstones go far beyond just improving psychic abilities. A type of feldspar, the most common variety of moonstone is usually a dreamy, milky sort of white. You can find other forms in a wide range of colours including black, blue, yellow, rose pink and even a mixture of colours, but white is the predominate colour and is what people tend to mean when they speak of moonstones.

The main characteristic that makes them such a popular choice is the luminous sheen that flashes through the stones. Known as the schiller effect, the colours of light that dance through the stone can be white, pink, yellow or blue. The colours are similar to those seen within opals and make you think of the moon reflecting off glass.

Moonstone soothes stress, anxiety, women’s hormones, balance yin and yang. Moonstone, which has good vibrations with the number 4, also known as the ‘Rainbow Moonstone’ because it can take colour from its surroundings. This stone is considered a sacred stone by the Indians and is believed to bring good fortune. These stones are a dull translucent colour with white milk or bluish white colour tones. It’s called Moonstone because they have a glow like the moon.

Mohs Hardness Scale Moonstone 6 – 6.5

  • Excellent healer for women because of its association with the Moon.

  • Stone of intuition and insight.

  • Balances the emotional body, particularly any aggressive tendencies.

  • Balances the hormonal and menstrual cycles, excellent for PMS.

  • Promotes conception by aiding all aspects of the reproductive system.

  • Stone of new beginnings.

  • Works with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra’s.

  • Connects user to the divine inspiration, and channels it into our own intuition.

  • Bringer of calm, peace and balance.

  • Stimulates self-composure and self-confidence.

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