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Desert Rose

Desert Rose


Desert Rose

The Stone of All Things Possible.

A Desert Rose is a naturally occurring formation of selenite gypsum, like all crystals water is involved in their formation, even in the desert. The desert rose is formed through a process of moisture condensation, the selenite huddles together and forms a mass, this mass is then subjected to the elements around it and through sand and wind erosion, the desert rose formation is born.

The Desert Rose symbolises all things that are possible, they are said to be carved by the spirits of the American Indians. They enhance love and teamwork; they tell you to go for your dreams without restraint and help to dissolve self-imposed restrictions and programs holding you back. Desert Roses can be used to strengthen affirmation of purpose in your life.

Also this is a stone for the family unity and so should be placed in your house. It will also help bring out your inner potential. And is very good at relieving nausea brought on by stress or anxiety. It will also help to calm anxiety and panic attacks. It will help skin conditions and is good for viral infections.

When used with Meditation, Desert Rose assists with, clarity of the mind, physical energy, opening and clearing of the upper chakras. It is also used for connecting with the Angels and for past life recall.

Mohs Hardness Scale 2 – 3.4.


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