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Fluorite is a stone that helps normalize and give balance in all areas of your life. It is an excellent discernment tool that helps steer you clear of fraud or deception. It is often used as purification or cleansing tool in healing rituals. They need to be cleaned often because of their absorption qualities they need the release or they will fracture from the weight of taking on so much negativity.

Fluorite Colours and Their Individual Purposes:

Clear Fluorite gives light and filters dark. Transformer.

Green Fluorite absorbs and discharges negative energies. Energy Shield.

Pink Fluorite promotes self-love. Heart/Soul Healer.

Raspberry Fluorite gives understanding. Karmic Healer.

Blue Fluorite gives order and practicality to situations. Calming.

Purple Fluorite opens up the psychic centres of the body. Intuitive.

Yellow Fluorite enhances creativity and supports learning. Teacher/Muse.

·         Promotes spiritual and psychic wholeness, development, truth, protection and brings peace.

·         Protects psychically and in the physical realm.

·         Helps user meditate and learn to go past the “chatter”.

·         Calms and relieves anxiety and stress.

·         Helps rid mental blocks and mental issues.

·         Healer for pain, general health throughout the body’s main skeletal and muscular systems.

·         Good for auric cleansing.

·         Absorbs and neutralizes negative vibrations.

·         Aids user to become more receptive to vibrations of other stones.

·         Increases concentration and aids decision making.

·         Also known as the Genius Stone.

Mohs Hardness Scale Fluorite 4.

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