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Chlorite is a very powerful purifier that aids in self-healing, as it is one of the minerals kingdom’s strongest deepest healer’s. It is the “Stone for Self- Healing” and it is known as a regeneration crystal. It is used to connect with high vibrational energies and can ease connection to healing guides. Allows one to connect and heal to vibrate in perfect harmony with Mother Earth.

Chlorite reverberates cleanliness, balance and health. The colour itself is the primary colour of our natural world. When we take a nature walk our mind seems clearer, we naturally slow down into the present moment, our breath deepens and our mood tends to stabilize. The colour green represents nitrogen, an important element in the air we breathe. It is a cool, fresh colour that vibrates health, growth and new life. It is the colour of universal attraction that invites a sense of equilibrium and normality where there is chaotic growth and instability.

Chlorite is one of the most favourable healing stones. Worn, carried, placed within ones environment or used as an elixir, the properties of chlorite are overwhelmingly positive.

Chlorite has a vibrational energy rating of 9.

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Chlorite Points - Stone of Self Healing - Powerful!!
Chlorite Points - Stone of Self Healing - Powerful!!  These beautifully polished Chlorite Po..
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