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Bronzite is an iron rich stone that is helpful to aid you, if you have been feeling tired or even exhausted.

Bronzite is quite effective against the curses. Since the past the talisman that is composed of iron as its mineral such as Bronzite gemstone returns the curses, ill wishing or the spells back to its source and eradicates the problems. Take Note that the negative energy bounces back to you again, causing an ongoing bounce back and forth. To stop this, use this stone in combination with another strong psychic protection stone rather than using it alone, (example Black Tourmaline, or Black Onx)

Bronzite is quite helpful in the inharmonious situations where the person feel weak and grips the events that are not under control. It restores the composure and assists in keeping a cool head. This stone is also known as a Stone of Courtesy that makes the non-judgmental sensitivity quite strengthen and pinpoints the important choices and also promotes the decisive actions.  Therefor this stone is used often to help with certainty and with taking control of our actions. It can also help one to think ahead about things, which also enhances the ability to take control of our own lives. In this, because Bronzite helps dispel uncertainty, it can help us also take necessary actions for our own benefit, while still being loving and polite and principled in our behaviour. This talisman also allows the wearer to enter in the dynamic state.

Bronzite stones are excellent to use to grid a room, as they will cleanse the area of negativity, as well as being very protective. This stone aids compassion and forgiveness and creates a positive energetic space for meditation.

Bronzite is a mineral that is employed to balance the acidity and alkalinity in the wearer’s body. It assists in the absorption of the iron and also helps the transmission from one phase of the life to another. It helps in the cases of skin diseases. It eliminates and prevents ulcers on the internal parts, enhances the concentration and also eliminates the depression. This stone is also quite useful that works with the Chakras particularly the Sacral Chakra. It also helps in developing the spiritual transformation.


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