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This beautiful blue green stone is a form of Beryl, and has a connection to seas and oceans, hence the name, Aquamarine. The name is derived from the Latin word for sea water, (aqua marina, Water of the Sea). This is a stone of the sea and mystic.

The Greek and Roman myths of mermaids said Aquamarine came from their treasure chests deep in their watery realms. Historically, seafarers and merchants wore aquamarine for protection and for prosperous journeys. It was also worn to prevent or minimize sea sickness.

When using Aquamarine, immerse the stone in water under the moonlight, it will strengthen and open your third eye. It has been said that this stone is the stone of the Sea Witch. If you are a sensitive, combine using this stone with that of smokey quartz to help ground you into the physical and sharpen your visions.

It also assists in overcoming depression, grief and phobias and helps cure insomnia. Aquamarine has the ability to cleanse both the physical and spiritual bodies and align your chakras. Also this stone removes blockages from the aura and helps strengthen the connection between the mind and body.

Aquamarine also has the ability to improve, cleanse and remove barriers with the communication between the user and others. If you are a shy or quiet person, aquamarine can not only reduce your fear of speaking to others, but also help to attract the types of people that would make you feel more comfortable when you speak with them. They would be people you can trust and that show compassion for you and helps you connect with the type of people that are best for you personally.

Mohs Hardness Scale 7.5 – 8.

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