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Amber and Copal (Young Amber)

Amber and Copal (Young Amber)


Amber and Copal (Young Amber)

Amber is ancient, organic material, such as the sap of pine trees (resin) that is fossilized. The ancient Greek word for Amber is Elektron meaning Sun, and, besides its usual golden colour, Amber is known to produce an electric charge when rubbed. 
Amber can vary in colour from yellow or gold to brown and even red and can be opaque or milky to clear. It is not uncommon for Amber to contain bits of plant, or even animal matter and be as old as 120 million years! 
Amber was well known and used for jewellery in Ancient Egypt, Crete and it native Baltic regions. 

Amber is classified among healing crystals and gemstones but is actually fossilized resin. Common colours ranging from pale yellows to dark browns. There are also green, red, blackish, and blue forms of amber.

Amber is best worn directly on the skin which will naturally absorb the oils of the amber resin which is said to transmute negative energies into positive energies. It can be carried, worn, or used as an elixir.

Black Amber

Protects against psychic vampires and psychic attacks. Possesses grounding energy. 

Red Amber

Can be used as an amulet in fertility rituals. Also stimulates sexual desires and prompts orgasm

Golden Amber

Offers peace. Promotes self-love and acceptance. Healing tool for repairing damages to the auric field , karmic release and emotional healing

Green Amber

Motivator stone that can help guide you along your life path. Helps to dissolve any blocks that are hindering your spiritual growth. Grounding and purifying.

Honey Amber  

Adds sweetness to your life. Helps give clarity in your life pursuits. Aids the letting go process, allowing spirit to step in and help smooth away the rough patches. Knowing stone.


Amber, unlike other gemstones, is warm to the touch and often contains insect fragments therefore, it has always been thought to possess life. It is known to be absolutely sacred to worshipers of the Mother Goddess, as it was believed to contain the very essence of life itself – the animating principle.  Also known to be related to Akash, or the “Fifth Element” which is the essence of that which binds and governs all other elements (earth, air, fire, water) and the ultimate source of said elements. Symbolic of life and all living things (plants, animals and humans alike) Akasha is related to Amber.

Amber is a powerful cleanser and healer that it told to draw disease from the body as well as promoting the revitalization of tissues. A stone dedicated to connecting the universal perfection with one’s conscious self.  It draws out negativity by cleansing the environment, and relieves physical pain at the same time.  It will stimulate the body’s own self-healing abilities; and if you are a healer, it shall protect you from absorbing negative energies.

An incredibly strong protector it has been used for over 7,000 years to stimulate the metabolism, treat skin ailments caused by metabolic imbalances, treat asthma and most allergic respiratory issues. Generally, wearing a necklace crafted of Amber is the most effective assistance with these ailments.  It acts in a way to purify one’s body and spirit when it is used as an elixir, carried, or worn.

Amber radiates with the throat, alleviating stress and treating throat issues.  Psychologically, Amber not only brings stimulation to the intellect, clearing depression, and bringing a positive emotional state and creative expression, it also motivates by linking what one may wish for together with the drive and encouragement to accomplish it.

It is said to help manifest desires and heighten intellectual abilities, clarity of thought, and wisdom. It is reputed to cleanse its environment by drawing out negativity, and to relieve physical pain the same way. It is used mystically to bring the energies of patience, protection, psychic shielding, romantic love, sensuality, purification, balance, healing and calmness to those who wear or carry it. It is considered a good luck charm for love and marriage. Amber is excellent in crystal healing for inner child work and past life work.

Copal (Young Amber)

Copal is aged between one-ten thousand years often mistaken for Amber which is much harder & older.

“Real” amber is millions of years old; but there is also another form of amber, young amber. Young amber is called Copal.

Real amber is wonderful, but it does have that huge age behind it, experience and wisdom which makes it a little difficult to deal with for beginners, and a lot more expensive on your pocket.

Copal, on the other hand, is YOUNG, and that is the operative word and importance of using copal amber in magic charms and potions.

It is still far more alive in many ways, far closer to our own states of being as it is on its road into the many millions of years that are its future; it is like copal amber offers a bridge between us now, and the infinity of time where our souls reside.

The young copal is friendlier, lighter and brighter; and together with the absolute healing/protection of all resin and amber, this YOUTH is what reacts with the energy system of a human being and brings re-charging as well as that expectation of eternal life at the same time.

Copal Amber activates the Crown Chakra & Strengthens the Meridians. Helps to keep us grounded so that we can speak from the heart. Strengthens our control over our minds.

Stimulates psychic abilities, removes energy blockages while increasing your energy field. Brings love into our lives by healing your heart.

Healing - Stimulates cell renewal.


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