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The meaning of the name Citrine crystal, comes from the Greek word meaning 'citron', as many early Citrine crystals found had a colour similar to the citrus fruit of that name. The Citrine properties that are most well-known are its value for aiding manifestation of prosperity, particularly if you combine it with the power of affirmations.

Citrine Crystals are a variety of quartz and are closely related to Amethyst and is known to be the premier manifestation stone, as it is a quartz, it has a strong amplification ability.

  • Strong ability to soothe fear and anxiety. By allowing you to let go of your fear it may aid you to be able to accept into your life the good that is coming your way.

  • Prosperity, Personal Power and Abundance Stone.

  • Activates the Solar Plexus.

  • Aids self-confidence and self-discipline.

  • Aids career success.

  • Enhances mental and emotional clarity.

Mohs Hardness Scale Citrine 7.

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