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Chalcanthite on Quartz (Copper) Cluster

Chalcanthite on Quartz (Copper) Cluster


Chalcanthite on Quartz (Copper)

Chalcanthite is a water soluble sulphate mineral and is known for its incredible deep blue colour with a vibration that is excellent to place close to you to calm your mind, to aid you to ready yourself for meditation. Chalcanthite helps you stay in the now and enjoy life and is often used to eliminate the feeling of abandonment and restraint. It is an excellent mineral for activation of the throat chakra, bringing about a smooth flow of communication in all situations and to make choices that will enhance your goals without restraint. Use Chalcanthite to assist you in making choices, as the energy of this mineral tends to reflect the choice of preference, eliminating confusing distractions.

Chalcanthite is also used for insight, psychic attunement, enhancing clairvoyance and ability to "read" people and situations.

Healing: Treats arthritis, reduces presence of free radicals, Cleanses arteries, alleviates water retention.

Chalcanthite should never be taken orally.

Mohs Hardness Scale 2.5.


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